Spiritual Growth

Devotional-style readings to help you grow and develop wisdom as a spouse, parent, friend, leader, and most importantly, as a Jesus-follower.
Grace is the Answer Grace is the Answer
Walking the Talk

Grace is the Answer

I believe in God, I have an idea of what He’s like, and I want to do well by Him. I know He loves me, accepts me, and when I die, I’m going to heaven….

The Other Voices The Other Voices

The Other Voices

We hear voices in our heads all the time. Hearing voices doesn’t make us crazy (at least not all of us). Most of the time we’re hearing ourselves . . . we’re giving ourselves instructions,…

Value from the Inside Value from the Inside

Value from the Inside

We often assign value to people from the outside. We meet people (or read about them, read what they write, or hear them speak) and we assign them value based on what’s on the outside . . ….

A Thanksgiving Question A Thanksgiving Question

A Thanksgiving Question

One question: “Who or what are you most thankful for?” Take a second and think about it. Be honest with your answer. Now say it out loud. If you didn’t say, “Jesus,” there’s a problem….

Going Full-Time Going Full-Time
Walking the Talk

Going Full-Time

Organizations of all types have flocked to part-time employees. To management, they offer flexibility and lower cost, in part because they typically don’t get benefits. It works well for the part-time employee too. Fewer on-duty hours and…

Church is the First Stop Church is the First Stop

Church is the First Stop

I don’t know anyone who is totally satisfied with their church. People who go to a large church want the warmth and connection of a smaller one. Others are trapped in smaller churches and hungry…

How to Approach Big Decisions How to Approach Big Decisions

How to Approach Big Decisions

When most of us have a decision to make, there are three stages we move through . . . If we think it through and settle on an option, we’re ready to pull the trigger….

Dealing with your Doubt Dealing with your Doubt

Dealing with your Doubt

We all experience doubt about our faith. It will wax and wane, but it’s never going to be completely extinguished. So, what do we do in those moments of doubt? We have to choose to…

Confession Confession


Nowadays, we talk about transparency. But for centuries, it was called confession. It’s the idea of telling another Jesus-follower your failures and misdeeds. Confessing sin to one another was a huge part of the early church and…

Stuck in the Roundabout Stuck in the Roundabout

Stuck in the Roundabout

My counselor friend Kathy is one of the smartest people I know. Not just book smart, she’s street smart too. I was telling her how every married couple I know struggles with sex, money, or…