Something You Don’t Know

There’s Always Something You Don’t Know

A lot of us work somewhere that’s not ‘headquarters.’ Not ‘corporate.’ Not ‘the home office.’ That was me once. When the orders were handed down to us in the field, they sometimes seemed dumb. Out of touch with the real-world situation on the ground. I’d say, “What are they thinking up in the ivory tower?”…

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Which Version Do You Believe?

Your coherent narrative is the story of your life. It’s usually chronological . . . starting with where and how you grew up and the big things that happened to you leading to big changes in you. Then, where you are now, and where you see yourself going from here. It starts with remembering. In his book The Rest…

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good mentor

Six Qualities of a Good Mentor

Today’s post comes from Radical Mentoring Executive Director Kevin Harris . . . Occasionally, I will get a mildly panicked phone call from a concerned church leader. Some of their groups aren’t working out as expected. After asking a few questions, I almost always uncover two primary symptoms, and both lead me to a similar…

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940 Saturdays

Today’s post comes from one of my good friends, Mark Butler. Mark survived my group in 2010, has served on our Board of Directors, and recently graduated his 2nd mentoring group. He is President of CXO Staffing, a boutique search firm focused on finding the best marketing talent for Atlanta-based companies. He’s deeply in love…

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Leader Development or Disciple-making?

Sometimes we talk about Radical Mentoring as a disciple-making process and other times we call it a leader development program. So which is it? Is it a distinction without a difference? What is the difference? It’s all about your motive and who you pick as mentees. The Message paraphrase of Matthew 28:19-20 includes these words:…

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When You Lose Your Belief

There’s a finite amount of belief in a person. You can’t create more belief. You can move your belief around, believe more of one thing and less of another, but each human has a unique capacity for belief. Here are a couple of controversial examples. Colin Kaepernick lost his belief in standing for the national…

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High-Fiving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Today’s post comes from Radical Mentoring Executive Director Kevin Harris . . . For those of you who don’t know me . . . I’m an introvert. According to an old Myers-Brigg test, in 1997 I was an extrovert, but I can’t really remember what that felt like so I will go with a more…

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Never Create a Principle from a One-time Experience

We’ve talked about rules being decisions made in advance. Principles are different from rules. They’re more general than rules . . . a principle is non-specific to a situation or person. Plain and simple, principles are guidance. Here are a few  . . . He who walks with the wise grows wise. Birds of a feather…

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Christian life

Three Phases of the Christian Life

I see three phases in the lives of Christians. The first begins when someone “gets serious about their faith” or “comes to Christ” or “becomes genuinely aware” of God in their hearts” or “gets saved” or “surrenders to Jesus.” Whatever words we pick, we’re talking someone’s initial authentic personal engagement with the Lord. “I’ve been…

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18 Inches

Today’s post comes from Radical Mentoring Executive Director Kevin Harris . . . I love the game of golf. In fact, I’m writing this while watching The Players Championship. While I enjoy the long drives (especially the cool red line tracking the ball’s trajectory) and the gamesmanship between competitors, I’m most fascinated by the short…

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