It Starts with Love

We have to love the people we work with. Jesus directed us to. He told us to “love your neighbor as yourself.” He wants you to love the people you work with, even those you don’t particularly like. You can’t minister to someone that you don’t love. And since God is love, He’s not going…

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Marriage . . . In Retrospect

Ronald Wayne, one of the co-founders of Apple Computer, sold his 10% interest in the company for $800 . . . less than two weeks after it started. What would have ended up being worth $75.5 billion was traded away for less than some people pay for a month’s rent. Wayne later said he made…

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The Downside of Intentionality

People tell me I’m one of the most intentional people they know. I’ve given away a hundred copies of a book with a light switch on the cover asking, “Is what you’re about to do ON or OFF purpose?” I own the URL I’m serious about being on purpose and intentional. But years ago,…

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Unless you are living alone in a cave, you know about the rare coast-to-coast total eclipse that happened in America on August 21st. Since my daughter’s family lives smack-dab in the middle of ‘the area of totality,’ we couldn’t miss the chance to see this thing. My son’s family lives in Athens, GA, about 32…

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Gratitude: The Only Sure Cure for Anxiety

“The American holiday of Thanksgiving traces its roots all the way back to 1621, when colonists held a harvest feast with local natives. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln declared an official Thanksgiving day in late November. In the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt attempted to move the holiday a few days earlier, but after widespread discontent, eventually…

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what men want

What Men Want

I’m going to go way out on a limb and tell you what you want. If you’re a married man with kids, these three things are ‘it’ . . . Emotional connection with your wife – You may think you want sex, companionship, cooperation, respect, admiration and even submission, but what you really want is…

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The Elephant Herd

When we were invited to a mentoring event at Dunwoody United Methodist Church recently, an elephant herd stole the show! Under the leadership of Pat Morgan, a lay leader at DUMC, their 7 male mentors have now mentored 115 men with more groups underway. But their women’s Titus2 program has also been thriving. In fact,…

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WWJD Revisited

Back in the ‘90’s, “What would Jesus do?” was all the rage. The phrase came from the subtitle of Charles Sheldon’s 1896 book In His Steps, a novel that sold over 30 million copies. WWJD caught on with young people and thousands of bracelets and bumper stickers were sold. In 2010, a movie called What…

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Will You Become an Includer?

A friend of ours was talking about Thanksgiving dinner at her house growing up. “There was always someone there we didn’t know,” she said. “Mom would always call up someone she thought would be alone that day and include them at our family table.” Her story made me think of the school cafeteria and the…

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