5 Reasons a Man Needs a Mentor

Courage – Most of the time, men know the right things to do. Call it conscience, call it intuition, call it whatever . . . more often than not our challenge isn’t knowing what to do as it is mustering the courage to do it and live with the consequences. Which is why a man…

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What’s Unpacked Sometimes Unravels

Imagine coming home one night and your wife of 20 years says she’d like for the two of you to get a prenuptial agreement. How would you react? “What’s going on?” “Is she getting ready to leave?” “Does she think I’m ready to hit the door?” Would be pretty tough wouldn’t it? Eventually, you could…

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Mentoring Hearts

One dictionary says the heart is “one’s innermost character, feelings, or inclinations.” Another says it’s “the central or innermost part of something.” The Bible mentions the human heart around 300 times. It’s that spiritual part of us where our emotions, our conscience, and our desires dwell. Whenever I see the word ‘heart,’ I think ‘desire.’ David was a man…

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You Get What You Glorify

Have you ever watched as a young girl is ‘made up’ by her mom, being introduced to makeup, rouge, eyeliner, and lipstick while still an innocent little girl? Then she’s told how beautiful she is, not because she is, but because she (or her mom) are trying so hard. Have you been to a little…

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Are You Married to an Introvert?

I’m married to an introvert. And I love her with all my heart! But we are as different as night and day. As I’ve been ‘studying my wife’ . . . trying to be more kind and empathetic, she’s been teaching me some things about introverts. It’s almost like learning a foreign language for me,…

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Are You a Human Being or a Human Doing?

Years ago, a good friend really handed it to me. He said, “When I see someone running as hard as you run, I wonder who he’s trying to please.” My friend didn’t wonder, “Is he trying to please someone?” He knew that answer. The question was who? Most of us start out trying to please…

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In Light of the Facts

“Just give me the facts.” We men say it all the time. But sometimes our biggest problems stem from not accepting the facts. From deceiving ourselves and believing something other than the truth. This is particularly true of optimists like me. I’ll tell myself all kinds of lies to keep hope alive . . .…

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Why We Lie

Isn’t it weird how we lie? How we spin stories to present ourselves as the people we wish we were instead of who we are? Or how we sit quietly and perpetuate an untruth when we know it’s a lie? And we’ll do it with people we’ve known for years as quick as with total strangers.…

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Radical Mentoring

7 Unique Aspects of Radical Mentoring

When Radical Mentoring Executive Director Kevin Harris and I traveled to Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago, the low temp was 28 . . . the high 43 . . . a virtual heat wave for January in that part of the country. We put together a ‘Lunch and Learn’ for pastors from the greater…

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In Faith, We Choose . . .

We’re Christians because we have faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Which can seem sort of easy to have faith in since it happened 2,000 years ago and didn’t cause us any personal pain. It’s much harder to have faith when God allows a man to get hit by a car while…

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