Value from the Inside Value from the Inside

Value from the Inside

Posted by Regi Campbell on December 5, 2019

We often assign value to people from the outside. We meet people (or read about them, read what they write, or hear them speak) and we assign them value based on what’s on the outside . . . on what they do, what they’ve accomplished, their titles, the size of their house, the size of their church, the…

Getting Humble Getting Humble

Getting Humble

Posted by Regi Campbell on October 21, 2019

When people strive to be somebody, they’re often trying to be somebody else. But look around at the people you admire most, and you’ll find humility. Humility may be the most revered character trait from God’s perspective. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” said Jesus. So how do…

We Don’t Know Why We Don’t Know Why

We Don’t Know Why

Posted by Regi Campbell on September 19, 2019

A high percentage of human conflict starts when we guess at people’s motives and get it wrong. My favorite Brené Brown story is about this very thing. Her husband opens the refrigerator and mumbles, “There’s nothing to eat in here.” Working in the next room, she assumes he’s complaining that she hasn’t been a good…

New ‘Be’ Resolutions New ‘Be’ Resolutions

New ‘Be’ Resolutions

Posted by Regi Campbell on January 14, 2019

You don’t need me to tell you how few people live out their New Year’s resolutions. And apparently, people’s expectations for resolutions aren’t even particularly high. According to an article I read in Business Insider, 94% of people say you should keep your resolution for at least a month. By March, the number is down…

Feeling Good About Ourselves Feeling Good About Ourselves

Feeling Good About Ourselves

Posted by Regi Campbell on November 8, 2018

Ok, here’s one to store in your head and your heart . . . We feel good about ourselves when we do the right thing. It just happens. When we push ourselves to fill out a totally truthful expense report or tax return, it happens. When we volunteer somewhere, giving our time and energy to…

The Platinum Rule The Platinum Rule

The Platinum Rule

Posted by Regi Campbell on September 27, 2018

Everyone knows the golden rule. Here’s how contributors to Wikipedia explain it . . . “The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in many religions and cultures.” Jesus taught the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12 . . . “So whatever you wish that others would…

Unwholesome Talk Unwholesome Talk

Unwholesome Talk

Posted by Dave Katz on August 9, 2018

7Today’s post is from Dave Katz, an executive with Coca-Cola Consolidated in Charlotte, NC. Since going through one of Regi’s Radical Mentoring groups, Dave has paid it forward and led or co-led 7 RM groups. You can listen to him on the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast talking about what it means to accelerate culture within…

All About Me All About Me

All About Me

Posted by Regi Campbell on June 25, 2018

While I’m sharing my story with some folks, I mention that I only have a few friends from my B.C. days, all the others have developed since. The guy sitting across the table caught my eye. “Why is that?” he asked. This is what came out of my mouth . . . “If you spend…

Tax Freedom Day? Come On, Man! Tax Freedom Day? Come On, Man!

Tax Freedom Day? Come On, Man!

Posted by Regi Campbell on April 23, 2018

I don’t write about politics here, and I’m not starting now. But I will talk about Jesus and freedom and selfishness from time to time. I’m told that Tuesday is Tax Freedom Day . . . because 31% of the year has passed, which is the percentage of our national income that goes to pay…

Tackle the Tangles Tackle the Tangles

Tackle the Tangles

Posted by Regi Campbell on March 22, 2018

My post last week, “What’s Unpacked Sometimes Unravels,” was the most unnatural thing I’ve ever written. I know it was wise, but so unlike me. I struggle to leave anything alone; I’m the world’s worst at leaving things unpacked. I want to set it straight and get it over with, so I can move on…

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