Generous Explanations Generous Explanations

Generous Explanations

Posted by Kevin Harris on April 8, 2019

Around our house, many interactions end like this: Me (usually in my head): Why didn’t she . . . Susan (usually in her head): Why isn’t he . . . Then, several days later, after I have made up several unhealthy stories, beaten myself up for the dysfunction I’m causing, and chosen to hide behind…

How Wives Can Help Mentees How Wives Can Help Mentees

How Wives Can Help Mentees

Posted by Regi Campbell on March 7, 2019

The other day, the wife of a leader in a church that just launched Radical Mentoring asked me what I thought she (and other wives) could do to best support their husbands as they go through a mentoring group. She added, “The obvious answer is to pray for them and we will, but is there more?”…

Who Owns Your Marriage? Who Owns Your Marriage?

Who Owns Your Marriage?

Posted by Regi Campbell on February 18, 2019

Have you ever heard a guy go on and on about a rental car? Rarely. Because you don’t own a rental car. There’s something different about things we own. We take responsibility. We take care of them. We’re not reckless or careless or overly demanding. Things we own get our attention. Give us a healthy…

Connect with Her Feelings Connect with Her Feelings

Connect with Her Feelings

Posted by Regi Campbell on November 1, 2018

Listening to your wife takes more than just hearing what she’s saying. One of the most helpless feelings in the world is for your wife to say “I just don’t feel like I have a voice.” Especially after you’ve explained a situation or decision to her for the third time and you’re sure you’ve listened…

Stealing Her Thunder Stealing Her Thunder

Stealing Her Thunder

Posted by Regi Campbell on October 15, 2018

Ever have someone finish your sentences for you? Irritating isn’t it? I have a friend who finishes my sentences. Every single one. He doesn’t do it consciously, but it’s distracting just the same. When I noticed my friend’s habit, I started paying attention, and I soon noticed someone else doing it. You guessed it ….

Expectation Management Expectation Management

Expectation Management

Posted by Kevin Harris on July 12, 2018

Today’s post comes from Radical Mentoring Executive Director Kevin Harris . . . This September, Susan and I will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. I’d love to say I remember the small details of that day . . . the flowers, the music. But I would be lying. However, I would be quick to recall…

940 Saturdays 940 Saturdays

940 Saturdays

Posted by Mark Butler on June 7, 2018

Today’s post comes from one of my good friends, Mark Butler. Mark survived my group in 2010, has served on our Board of Directors, and recently graduated his 2nd mentoring group. He is President of CXO Staffing, a boutique search firm focused on finding the best marketing talent for Atlanta-based companies. He’s deeply in love…

The Death of Delayed Gratification The Death of Delayed Gratification

The Death of Delayed Gratification

Posted by Regi Campbell on April 12, 2018

As a culture, we’re killing the idea of suffering now for the good stuff later. We want the new car and the newest, coolest stuff, but we don’t want to save for them. We want them now. The result? Car loans, credit card payments, and oppressive debt. We want happiness, and we want it now….

P.S.D. Husbands P.S.D. Husbands

P.S.D. Husbands

Posted by Regi Campbell on April 5, 2018

Brad Cooper is a pastor at NewSpring Church and a graduate of my most recent Radical Mentoring group. A couple of weeks ago, he delivered an awesome sermon on marriage, speaking specifically to husbands about the command found in Ephesians 5:25, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for…

What’s Unpacked Sometimes Unravels What’s Unpacked Sometimes Unravels

What’s Unpacked Sometimes Unravels

Posted by Regi Campbell on March 15, 2018

Imagine coming home one night and your wife of 20 years says she’d like for the two of you to get a prenuptial agreement. How would you react? “What’s going on?” “Is she getting ready to leave?” “Does she think I’m ready to hit the door?” Would be pretty tough wouldn’t it? Eventually, you could…

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