Wow! Wow!


Posted by Kevin Harris on April 15, 2019

I heard a comedian do a bit one time about how “everything is amazing right now, and nobody’s happy.” He continues riffing about airplane Wi-Fi . . . “I was on an airplane, and there was internet—high-speed internet—on the airplane. That’s the newest thing that I know exists. And I’m sitting on the plane, and…

There’s No Place Like Home There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

Posted by Kevin Harris on June 15, 2017

Today’s post comes from Radical Mentoring’s Executive Director Kevin Harris . . . Two birds . . . taken from their nest and brought to unknown lands thousands of miles away remarkably find their way back home. One travels 1,000 miles in 14 days and one travels 3,000 miles in 12 days. Scientists (ornithologists specifically)…

Preoccupied Preoccupied


Posted by Regi Campbell on November 21, 2016

Think about the word ‘preoccupied.’ If a house is preoccupied, it means somebody else is already there. You can’t have it because someone else does. You might be able to drive by . . . maybe even drop in for a visit, but it’s unavailable to you. If your mind is preoccupied, it’s taken; it’s…

It’s Time for a Break It’s Time for a Break

It’s Time for a Break

Posted by Regi Campbell on August 8, 2016

In a couple of weeks, I’ll post my 500th blog. I’m constantly humbled by the number of folks who read what we write and constantly amazed at how God keeps showing us stuff to share. But today, in the heat of the summer, I thought it would be fun to share something completely different. Enjoy!…

Why Rest (Part II) Why Rest (Part II)

Why Rest (Part II)

Posted by Regi Campbell on June 23, 2016

If you missed Why Rest? (Part I), you can read it here.   Fasten your seatbelt . . . I’m about to go ‘biblical’ on you. There is rest and there is ‘Sabbath-rest.’ Do you know the difference? Sabbath-rest comes with following the Biblical imperative to observe a ‘day of rest.’ 24 hours. Yes, a…

Why Rest (Part I) Why Rest (Part I)

Why Rest (Part I)

Posted by Regi Campbell on June 20, 2016

Our friend Larry Green starts each Souly Business retreat with a story about American missionaries working in Africa. The missionaries and a group of Africans are carrying building materials inland to their community. After they had been walking a while, the Africans stopped and sat down. The Americans, frustrated by the lack of progress, asked,…