This Way of Life

As someone who lives and breathes mentoring, I always light up when I find a Scripture about disciple-making. One time, I was reading through the book of Matthew and as I neared the end, I knew I was about to read the Great Commission. I’ve quoted it forever, but this time I was reading The Message paraphrase by…

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Identity is Ascribed

Who am I? Identity was’s 2015 Word of the Year. Millions are ordering DNA profiles on themselves. What’s my race? My nationality of origin? Why do we care so much about identity? Because we don’t know who we are and we want someone with credibility to tell us. Beginning in early, early childhood, our…

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Rules are Decisions Made in Advance

Here’s a principle for you . . . rules are decisions made in advance. I mean think about it, when the sign says “No Parking,” someone made a decision for me in advance of my arrival. They looked out for my safety, someone else’s green grass, the usual traffic pattern, whatever. They said to me…

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Sowing Seeds

Today’s post comes from Radical Mentoring’s Executive Director Kevin Harris . . . If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. (Matthew 17:20) I am guessing you’ve all heard the idea of mustard…

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My 34th (Spiritual) Birthday

Earlier this week . . . September 19th . . . was the anniversary of the night I walked out in the backyard of my house and cried out to God for the first time in my life. Oh, I’d been a “Christian” since 5th grade. I’d been to church at least a thousand times. Baptized. Taught…

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Perception is Reality?

We’ve all heard the old saying “Perception is reality.” And it’s true . . . to a point. We act on what we perceive to be real and true. That’s functional reality but often, it’s not true reality. The world has always been round but for thousands of years, it was perceived to be flat.…

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Four Ways to Deal with Doubt

In my last post, I wrote about people who brought immature pictures of God into adult life and then abandoned faith altogether because their ‘god’ didn’t live up to his title. In the last few days, I’ve realized that post isn’t just about them . . . it’s about me. About us. Every Jesus-follower experiences…

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A God That Doesn’t Exist

Andy Stanley has a way of asking questions that bring amazing clarity to complex issues. In his sermon series “Who Needs God,” he talks about a number of common misperceptions about God and the ‘descriptors’ that accompany them. But instead of trying to correct them, he took it a step further. He suggested we don’t…

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What’s Your One Thing?

I remember my daddy saying, “I’m a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.” I took that as ‘gospel’ and have said it for years, especially after failing to complete a home repair project and having to make that shame-filled call to the handyman. In Garden City, John Mark Comer says we use this saying to let…

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The Job of a Lifetime

I read this the other day in an article from CBS MoneyWatch . . . “Of the country’s approximately 100 million full-time employees, 51 percent aren’t engaged at work – meaning they feel no real connection to their jobs, and thus they tend to do the bare minimum. Another 16 percent are ‘actively disengaged’ – they…

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