What’s Your Watts?

Walk into a dark room and flip the light switch. Darkness disappears, replaced by light. In fact, darkness isn’t really a ‘thing’ in and of itself.  Just something that happens when there’s no light. Genesis 1:4 recounts the creation of light . . . “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God…

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Christian or Disciple?

About 173 million Americans identify themselves as Christians. If you’re reading this blog, odds are you’re one of them. Now I’m neither smart nor well-read enough to explain the various criteria used to validate one’s claim to being identified as a Christian. The theology is thick. Are you a John 3:16 kind of Christian, betting…

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11 Things I Learned in 2017

I have compassion when I understand – If someone seems extraordinarily fearful, my gut reaction is to tell them “Be brave, what are the odds of that bad thing happening?” But when I understand the person’s story, when I hear of the events in their life that ‘told them’ the world isn’t a safe place,…

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Five Types of Thinkers

As I think about the guys I’ve mentored, what strikes me is how differently they think. In rummaging through some old files, I found this little piece on different types of thinkers. (I know I didn’t write it, so kudos to whoever I stole it from!) Once I know how a guy thinks, I can…

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The Star

So our daughter-in-law invites us to go to the movie with her and our grandsons. Since they’re 10 and 7, I know it’s going to be animated and probably have something to do with robots or Legos. After a sugar and soda overdose and a hundred previews, The Star rolled and, as expected, it was…

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The Next Step

Watching my grandkids and my friend’s grandkids grow up over the years always reminded me of how God organized most things into steps. Mother’s milk, followed by soft food, followed by solid food. Rolling over . . . then crawling, standing up, walking, and before you know it running! But why do we forget this…

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It Starts with Love

We have to love the people we work with. Jesus directed us to. He told us to “love your neighbor as yourself.” He wants you to love the people you work with, even those you don’t particularly like. You can’t minister to someone that you don’t love. And since God is love, He’s not going…

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Marriage . . . In Retrospect

Ronald Wayne, one of the co-founders of Apple Computer, sold his 10% interest in the company for $800 . . . less than two weeks after it started. What would have ended up being worth $75.5 billion was traded away for less than some people pay for a month’s rent. Wayne later said he made…

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