Slowing the Game Down

I watch no more than seven hockey games a year . . . the Stanley Cup Finals. The effort, quickness and passion on display in such a high stakes environment . . . it’s captivating. And when the puck finally slips through that morass of players and sticks into the net, I never even see…

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Blind Willie

After my last post, some of you may be suspicious that my cheese is sliding off my cracker. Today, you may have proof. But here goes . . . For almost 20 years, my wife and I have had a little fish pond beside our home. I feed the fish every morning. I throw the…

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“Good Luck Jumping Over the Moon”

I like to think the cow’s loving wife was kind enough to wish him luck before he jumped over the moon. With that in mind, here’s a few other things that will (hopefully) make you smile . . . A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression he just cleaned…

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In the Midst of Your Circumstances

Sometimes I say stuff and think “Hmm, that sounded pretty good! I wonder if I made that up?” Usually I find it was from Andy Stanley or one of the many other people smarter than me. But just to make sure, I’ll google it to see if I can find the author. If it doesn’t…

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Your Third Word

My latest Radical Mentoring group is tackling the topic of purpose. Specifically, life purpose statements. Identity asks, “Who am I?” Mission asks, “What do I want?” Purpose asks, “Why am I here?” The stock answer for Jesus-followers is “I’m here to glorify God” which is 100% true, but doesn’t speak to my unique purpose. Anne…

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Mentors Are Interpreters

Saturday was an amazing day. Our LDG group (North Point Community Church’s version of Radical Mentoring) spent the day together. We shared what God has done in our lives over these last 10 months. It was huge! Every single man was different. Every single one said how much they appreciated what my co-mentor and I…

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Take Good Care of Your Mother

“Take good care of your mother . . . and remember to be kind.” – Jackson Browne, The Only Child Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. Hopefully you made a phone call, sent a card, flowers, bought lunch or went to visit. But that was almost a week ago by the time you read this. What…

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Breaking Down Challenging Up

Today’s post is an excerpt from our friend Clay Scroggins’ upcoming book How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge. Clay is currently the Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church. But back in 2008, he got to be a part of Regi Campbell’s mentoring group and has since lead multiple groups of his own.…

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plus one

Plus One

Every year when the NFL draft rolls around, the name Ryan Leaf comes up. He’s universally considered one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history. An episode of NFL Top 10 even ranked him at #1. Interpretation: he’s among a select group of players who came into the draft with loads of potential but went on…

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Scarcity Mentality

Today’s post comes from Radical Mentoring’s Executive Director Kevin Harris . . . Your neighbor drives up in a new car and shortly after you catch yourself staring down at the 140,000 miles on your odometer and then you get a whiff of your kids’ sports gear in the back. You start dreaming of that…

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