In Faith, We Choose . . .

We’re Christians because we have faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Which can seem sort of easy to have faith in since it happened 2,000 years ago and didn’t cause us any personal pain. It’s much harder to have faith when God allows a man to get hit by a car while…

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Come on in to the Lighthouse!

The other day I read about how we overcomplicate disciple-making . . . that it’s simply about intentionally loving someone and helping them in some way. I’m carrying a burden right now (maybe it’s the ‘after-Christmas funk’). I feel we’ve become ‘child-worshippers,’ who are growing a generation of ‘get-ers’ who know nothing of being ‘give-ers.’…

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Days of Doubt, Seasons of Peace

Years ago, someone close to me was facing a big decision. He wrangled with it for months, leaning one way then the other. One day, he walked out by the water to think and pray. A friend saw him and strolled out to chat. Once he’d shared his dilemma, his friend asked this question, “Do…

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Why the Bible Matters

Why do so few people read the Bible? I’m not talking about a random verse pulled out to make a point, I’m talking about the book itself . . . the entity . . . this thing that’s integral to our faith. It’s one of the most important topics! God’s Word is eternal . .…

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True, Kind, and Necessary

This time of year, everybody’s working on something. Losing weight, getting in shape, making annual plans, cleaning out, organizing . . . something. I’ve been trying to ‘renew my mind’ by replacing negative thoughts with good, positive ones. I started with this list of adjectives from Philippians 4:8, where He’s telling me to choose .…

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intimacy with god

Intimacy with God

Relational intimacy grows in direct proportion to the amount and quality of time we spend with another person. This applies to our friends, our spouses, our kids, even to God. If we spend unhurried time with God, not just talking but listening, we can begin to relax in our relationship with Him and really get…

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Do You Know Where Her Heart Is?

Years ago, I was having lunch with one of my guys. It was our “one-on-one” to get to know each other. He toured me around his office, introduced me to his partners, and totally blew me away with how smart and competent he was. But at lunch, when we started talking about marriage, the conversation…

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A New Name

The longer I live, the more I know the importance of identity. One dictionary defines identity as “the fact of being who a person is.” Sounds reasonable at first glance. But think about it . . . “the fact of being who you are.” But who decides the fact of your identity? Get kidnapped in…

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The Fear of Not Having Enough

One of Radical Mentoring’s best friends here in Atlanta is Jack Alexander, a successful entrepreneur, and leader in the Christian community. Jack has a passion for Jesus like few men I’ve known. His new book The God Guarantee offers keen insight into something we all face every day . . . fear. Jack says the…

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Great Insults . . .

My friend Rod sent this the other day. It harkens back to the days when insults required more thought than ‘4 letter words’ or references to the other guy’s mother. Enjoy these but don’t use them. We’re trying to help you be better, not worse . . . A member of Parliament to Prime Minister…

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