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Practical articles to help you grow as an effective mentor, leader, and disciple-maker.
Vulnerability is at the Heart of Mentoring

Vulnerability is at the Heart of Mentoring

I can’t overstate the importance or value of vulnerability on the part of the mentor. The books you’ll read are important. The Scriptures you’ll memorize are critical. But the impact a mature man has on…


Short, simple, how-to's on the nuts and bolts of Radical Mentoring's relational style of small group mentoring.

Case Studies

Deeper dives into how we've seen Radical Mentoring successfully launched in various churches and church contexts.

Spiritual Growth

Devotional-style readings to help you grow and develop wisdom as a husband, father, friend, leader, and most importantly, as a Jesus-follower.
You Need to Stop Thinking

You Need to Stop Thinking

A couple of weekends ago, I grabbed my boys and headed to the woods for some father-son skeet shooting. Full disclosure, our version of shooting skeet looked a lot more like shooting randomly into the…

Steeplechase: Letting God Lead
Walking the Talk

Steeplechase: Letting God Lead

My good friend and mentor, Regi Campbell, passed away peacefully on January 24, surrounded by family and friends. The Father brought him home in His perfect timing, just before the COVID-19 outbreak, which would’ve forced…

How Jesus Faced Death
Death & Dying

How Jesus Faced Death

By now, you’ve probably heard, but on January 24th, Radical Mentoring Founder Regi Campbell went home to meet His Heavenly Father. You can read more about Regi and his cancer journey here. Our team is…