Great Insults . . .

My friend Rod sent this the other day. It harkens back to the days when insults required more thought than ‘4 letter words’ or references to the other guy’s mother. Enjoy these but don’t use them. We’re trying to help you be better, not worse . . . A member of Parliament to Prime Minister…

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The Downside of Intentionality

People tell me I’m one of the most intentional people they know. I’ve given away a hundred copies of a book with a light switch on the cover asking, “Is what you’re about to do ON or OFF purpose?” I own the URL I’m serious about being on purpose and intentional. But years ago,…

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The Elephant Herd

When we were invited to a mentoring event at Dunwoody United Methodist Church recently, an elephant herd stole the show! Under the leadership of Pat Morgan, a lay leader at DUMC, their 7 male mentors have now mentored 115 men with more groups underway. But their women’s Titus2 program has also been thriving. In fact,…

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Will You Become an Includer?

A friend of ours was talking about Thanksgiving dinner at her house growing up. “There was always someone there we didn’t know,” she said. “Mom would always call up someone she thought would be alone that day and include them at our family table.” Her story made me think of the school cafeteria and the…

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We are Complete

My church just had its annual Man Night. Quite a production with campfires, bacon snacks, brownies and milk, film clips . . . you know, real guy stuff. At the end of the main talk, 6 truths about identity were put up on the screen along with this question, “Which of these do you struggle…

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Today’s post comes from Radical Mentoring’s Executive Director Kevin Harris . . . Webster’s dictionary defines exposed as “made visible by uncovering it” or “left in an unprotected or vulnerable state.” The Greek translation of the root word elegxo means “to convince with solid compelling evidence.” No matter how you choose to look at the…

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Dinner With My Dad

Today’s post is from Kevin Floyd, a former mentee of Regi’s who is ­­­­Chief Operating Officer of Prestige Staffing. He serves on the board of Lighthouse Family Retreat and has been on several fascinating adventures with Bob Goff, author of Love Does. Kevin has been married to his wife Claudia for 16 years and is…

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In the Midst of Your Circumstances

Sometimes I say stuff and think “Hmm, that sounded pretty good! I wonder if I made that up?” Usually I find it was from Andy Stanley or one of the many other people smarter than me. But just to make sure, I’ll google it to see if I can find the author. If it doesn’t…

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plus one

Plus One

Every year when the NFL draft rolls around, the name Ryan Leaf comes up. He’s universally considered one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history. An episode of NFL Top 10 even ranked him at #1. Interpretation: he’s among a select group of players who came into the draft with loads of potential but went on…

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“I Ain’t Confessin’ Nuthin’”

Nowadays, we talk about transparency. But for centuries, it was called confession. It’s the idea of telling another Jesus-follower your failures and misdeeds. Confessing sin to one another was a huge part of the early church and perhaps a big part of its profound power and influence. Over the years, public confession was replaced by…

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