The #1 reason a man needs a mentor – COURAGE

The #1 reason a man needs a mentor – COURAGE

Posted by Regi Campbell on August 15, 2011

Most of the time, men know the right things to do. Some believe we’re born with an internal “compass” that points us toward right decisions. Call it conscience, call it intuition, call it whatever….more often than not our challenge isn’t so much knowing what to do as it is mustering the “balls” to do it and live with the consequences.

Leaving the “safe” job in the big company to start your own business….that takes courage. Deciding with your wife to start percentage giving, even when all the money seems to be going somewhere already…that takes courage. Taking on that foster child, even when you have kids of your own….that takes courage. Turning down the promotion & move to a distant city to protect your family’s quality of life and accepting limited upward mobility in your company as a result…that takes courage. Refusing to put your mother-in-law in a nursing home and taking on the inconvenience of caring for her in her own house….that takes courage.

A man needs a mentor to stand behind him and say “’Way to go!”  “Hey, you’ve made a good decision. You’re on the right track!”  “…that a boy, you’re doing good!” “I’m proud of you.” “I love the Godly man you’re becoming.”

This kind of encouragement propels a man who’s on the right track to stay on it…to go farther faster. It’s why every man needs a mentor.

Question:  In what instances has a mentor provided you with the courage to make the tough decisions and live with the consequences?

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pastorcope Posted: August 13, 2012, 7:34 pm

Thanks for this. I’ve been mentoring 5 guys this summer, some older than me, and every one of them has simply needed someone to believe in them and cheer them on.

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