Hewn from more than 40 years of experience as a husband, What Radical Husbands Do suggests things any man can do to win and keep his wife’s heart. There’s no nonsense or feel-good frills. Just straight-up principles and advice from a guy who has screwed up and learned how to make his marriage work through hard times.

Marriage isn’t a game of chance. Are you willing to put your chips on the table and go all-in to win and keep your wife’s heart? This short, simple book shows you how by laying out 12 specific steps any man can take to save or improve his marriage.

What Radical Husbands Do is not meant to just be read, but to activate you to do something to better your marriage. Things may be just fine, but there’s always room for improvement.

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Who is Radical Wisdom for?

The man whose marriage is hanging by a thread and doesn’t know how to make it better.

And even if your marriage is thriving, virtually every man in America knows someone whose marriage is in trouble. What Radical Husbands Do was written to give to that friend, brother, coworker, or neighbor who has no idea what to do to save his marriage.

About the Author

Regi Campbell was the husband of Miriam and father of two adult children and five grandchildren. He was CEO of five startup companies, twice served as an Elder at North Point Community Church, and founded Radical Mentoring. His other books include About My Fathers BusinessMentor Like Jesus, and Radical Wisdom. Before his passing in January 2020, he resided outside Atlanta.


  • Andy Stanley
  • Ted Lowe
  • John Lynch
  • Kathy Malcolm Hall

“Guys, let’s face it. We’re good at winning a lot of things, but a woman’s heart? Where do we begin? Seriously, what does that even mean? That’s where my friend Regi Campbell’s wonderful new book, What Radical Husbands Do, comes in. This ain’t theory. This is a proven strategy (yes, strategy) for re-engaging with your wife at a level you may not have known was even possible. Regi’s been teaching this material to our men for years. I’m so grateful he’s chosen to make it available to a broader audience.”

– Andy Stanley, author, communicator, and founder of North Point Ministries

“All husbands need men, who are a “little down the road,” to speak into their lives and marriage. That’s what reading Regi Campbell’s book, What Radical Husbands Do, is all about. It is like sitting across the table from a wise “man’s man” who wants the best for your marriage. Through refreshing transparency, real stories, practical applications, hard truths, and amazing grace, Regi shows the real-life way to your wife’s heart.”

– Ted Lowe, Founder of MarriedPeople, co-author of MarriedPeople: How Your Church Can Build Marriages That Last

“Regi is used by God to speak behind the masks men wear. He understands the lies we tell ourselves and shows us how we can allow others into that place to begin to alter the permission we give ourselves to fail. He teaches men, how to gain trusted permission, and how to speak with truth, grace, and compassion. He directs men into true, life-giving freedom! I could not more highly endorse a book or friend more.”

– John Lynch, author of On My Worst Day, co-author of The Cure and Bo’s Cafe

“Regi is a thorough and thoughtful companion in the inevitable tough places of marriage. His candid approach is brave and calls on the resilience of his readers. I look forward to recommending this for husbands who want a better marriage and want wise, practical guidance.”

– Kathy Malcolm Hall, licensed professional counselor


When men decide to be intentional about working on their marriages, they’ll go further faster doing it together. The assignments below are designed for guys to meet regularly and commit to intentionally working on their marriages together.

To get started, the group would meet, discuss their marriages and where they’re at now. Then beginning read through What Radical Husbands do and completing the homework assignments that accompany each chapter and then debrief at their next meeting, discussing what happened, and what they learned.




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