Leaders Go First Leaders Go First

Leaders Go First

Posted by Regi Campbell on May 7, 2018

Drive through Texas, and you’ll see town after town like in the picture above. First, there was a store, then a cafe, then a bank, then a barber shop. Before you know it, there’s a…

Born Stoic, Die Epicurean Born Stoic, Die Epicurean

Born Stoic, Die Epicurean

Posted by Regi Campbell on July 31, 2017

Historian Will Durant is credited with originating the platitude, ‘born stoic, die epicurean.’ He was speaking of nations, but I believe it applies to organizations and individuals as well. We start out fending for ourselves….

Breaking Down Challenging Up Breaking Down Challenging Up

Breaking Down Challenging Up

Posted by Clay Scroggins on May 15, 2017

Today’s post is an excerpt from our friend Clay Scroggins’ upcoming book How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge. Clay is currently the Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church. But back in 2008,…

Leading Millennials Leading Millennials

Leading Millennials

Posted by Regi Campbell on March 6, 2017

There’s a lot of days when I feel like a dinosaur, especially in a world increasingly populated with millennials. So when I saw there was a breakout sessions on leading millennials at last year’s Catalyst…

The Three Levels of Listening The Three Levels of Listening

The Three Levels of Listening

Posted by Regi Campbell on February 23, 2017

Years ago, my company at the time engaged a consultant to teach us all to be better listeners. He taught us three levels of listening . . . attending, content, and feeling. I understand there are…

It Is What It Is It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is

Posted by Regi Campbell on December 19, 2016

It is what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t It’s life and it’s love and it ain’t gonna change It’s a beautiful mess I don’t wanna miss – Uncle Kracker I doubt my…

The Curse of Criticism The Curse of Criticism

The Curse of Criticism

Posted by Regi Campbell on September 26, 2016

“You need to control yourself!” “You’re screwing up!” “People in our family don’t do that!” All parents say stuff like this and it’s usually well-intended. We want our children and grandchildren to grow up to…