Don’t Be a Sheepdog Leader Don’t Be a Sheepdog Leader

Don’t Be a Sheepdog Leader

Posted by Regi Campbell on December 13, 2018

When I visited New Zealand years ago, I saw a demonstration of the well-trained working sheepdogs who daily move the sheep from place to place. Incredibly quick and extremely tenacious, the dogs reminded me of…

Wisdom Followed Wisdom Followed

Wisdom Followed

Posted by Regi Campbell on December 10, 2018

No matter how many principles or pithy quotes we develop, wisdom is useless when ignored. It has to be applied, meaning we have to lean on the wisdom of our examined experience, on the wisdom…

Wisdom Found Wisdom Found

Wisdom Found

Posted by Regi Campbell on December 7, 2018

I believe wisdom starts with ambition. A hungry person wants to learn, wants to become wise. Whether to help themselves or to help others, the wise people I know started seeking wisdom when they were…

Radical Wisdom Radical Wisdom

Radical Wisdom

Posted by Regi Campbell on October 8, 2018

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you probably already know this, but . . . over the course of the sixty-five years I’ve been awake and conscious, I’ve been a collector…

Action vs. Analysis Action vs. Analysis

Action vs. Analysis

Posted by Regi Campbell on October 4, 2018

Ok, here I go again, quoting my friend John Richie . . . “Action reveals options analysis will never find.”  I like this quote because it agrees with so many others woven into the fabric…

There Are No Jokes There Are No Jokes

There Are No Jokes

Posted by Regi Campbell on August 30, 2018

I used to think I could poke fun at people about their foibles. About height, weight, lack of athleticism, mispronounced words, and personal idiosyncrasies. Hey, we’re all big boys, right? We can take it so…

Leaders Go First Leaders Go First

Leaders Go First

Posted by Regi Campbell on May 7, 2018

Drive through Texas, and you’ll see town after town like in the picture above. First, there was a store, then a cafe, then a bank, then a barber shop. Before you know it, there’s a…

Born Stoic, Die Epicurean Born Stoic, Die Epicurean

Born Stoic, Die Epicurean

Posted by Regi Campbell on July 31, 2017

Historian Will Durant is credited with originating the platitude, ‘born stoic, die epicurean.’ He was speaking of nations, but I believe it applies to organizations and individuals as well. We start out fending for ourselves….

Breaking Down Challenging Up Breaking Down Challenging Up

Breaking Down Challenging Up

Posted by Clay Scroggins on May 15, 2017

Today’s post is an excerpt from our friend Clay Scroggins’ upcoming book How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge. Clay is currently the Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church. But back in 2008,…