Leaders Go First

Leaders Go First

Posted by Regi Campbell on May 7, 2018

Drive through Texas, and you’ll see town after town like in the picture above. First, there was a store, then a cafe, then a bank, then a barber shop. Before you know it, there’s a little town with sidewalks, churches, and schools.

It struck me that someone had to go first. That first building had to be built with four walls before anyone else could attach one next door using only three. Whether it’s building a town, school, business, or church, someone has to go first for anything new to happen.

Is there something you’ve been thinking about starting? How do you know if you should? Here are a few questions to ponder . . .

  • Is there something you feel could and should be done?
  • Is it a burden? Does it weigh on you?
  • Have you thought and prayed about it for a long time? (i.e., it’s not an impulse)
  • Do you have domain expertise? (i.e., would you know what you were doing if you went first?)

You’ve heard the saying, “God doesn’t call the prepared but prepares the called.” My response is “Yeah, sometimes.” The wisdom of Proverbs is there for a reason. Jesus talked about ‘counting the cost’ before launching into things. While experience is the best teacher, it’s often expensive training (sometimes called the school of hard knocks).

If we’re following Jesus’ model for life, we’re in community with others. Some are likely wise and discerning folks who’d be glad to help you think through your idea.

Question: What would you start if there was a zero-percent chance it would fail? You won’t know unless you go first.

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Bob Breault
Bob Breault Posted: May 7, 2018, 12:18 pm

An older priest, when asked by me about my responsibility in correcting a situation, asked me: are you sure you’re the one who should address this?
We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Prayer always helps us to get the right answers.

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