You Get What You Glorify

You Get What You Glorify

Posted by Regi Campbell on November 23, 2011

Have you ever watched as a young girl is “made up” by her mom, being introduced to makeup, rouge, eyeliner and lipstick while still an innocent little girl? Then she’s told how beautiful she is, not because she is, but because she (or her mom) are trying so hard.

Have you been to a little league game and watched as the dad screams his delight for his son’s base hit or home run? “High fives” everywhere as he slides in to the opposing player and scores.

I’ve lived long enough to see some of those young boys and girls become men and women. And I’ve come to see that you get what you glorify!

When we spend hours and countless dollars dressing our children and adolescents “to the nines”, we’re going to get “clothes horses” when they grow up. When the only thing our sons get glory for is sports performance, we’re going to get jocks when they get older. Or at least big time sports fans.

Nothing wrong with clothes or makeup. Nothing wrong with sports.

But be aware of what you’re “glorifying” in your kids.

In my lexicon, the word “glorify” is interchangeable with the word “praise”. So I’m saying what you praise in your kids is what they’ll pursue for themselves as they grow up. If you praise vanity, don’t be surprised when they grow up focused on how they look and what they wear. If you praise your son’s competitiveness, don’t be shocked when he grows up to want more than his friends and to drive to win at all cost.

Consider “glorifying” your child’s kindness for others. Catch them doing something for a brother or sister. Praise them for it. Catch them being kind to an animal, helping their mom, trying extra hard to get their homework done and done right. “Glorify” them for praying, reading the Bible, asking about Jesus, and giving money to the church, to charities or to the poor.

Remember, you’re always leading. The question is to where.

Lead by “glorifying” what you hope to “get” when your kids grow into adulthood.

Question: What are you “glorifying” in your kids?


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