Something’s Broken

Something’s Broken

Posted by Regi Campbell on June 24, 2019

In today’s post-modern culture, people are questioning everything. The need for God is stronger than ever, yet the way we speak with people far away from God seems philosophical and even irrelevant.

Maybe there’s a more direct, compelling way to get people’s attention – a way to surface their need for God and bring awareness to the God-shaped hole inside each of us.

From John Ortberg’s Eternity Is Now in Session . . .

“GK Chesterton wrote, ‘whatever else men have believed, they have all believed that there is something the matter with mankind.’ Freud and Plato, Carl Marx and Ralph Nader, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi and Jesus all agree with this. Something is terribly wrong with us and cries out to be put right.”

It only takes a few seconds to see just how broken all people are. . . mass shootings, serial rapes, kidnappings, terror attacks, and so on. Just one hour watching the news and you’ll be sorely saddened by the actions of broken men and women.

But look a little closer to home. Think back. Remember how lost and alone you felt before you became confident of God’s love and presence in your life? I do. I wasn’t just ‘lost’ in my status with God; I was lost in my life direction. Working my butt off to climb a ladder that was leaning against the wrong wall . . . so broken in my values, priorities, attitudes, and relationships.

My brokenness was inside, but its ramifications affected everyone on the outside. When life humbled me and (literally) brought me to my knees, I cried out to God and asked Him to come in and take over. He started fixing my broken places and has been with me ever since.

Maybe you’re broken inside. Is it time to look in the mirror and ask, “Is there something that’s not right inside me?” Is there something you’re hiding or thinking or planning that you need to bring into the light? A relationship that needs to end? A habit you’re holding on to? Or an addiction you won’t admit?

Humble yourself. Ask God for help. Ask Him to lead you to a trusted friend or pastor you can open up to. Don’t carry this alone anymore.

Quote: “What if it was less important that anything ever gets fixed than that nothing has to be hidden?” – John Lynch, Bruce McNicol & Bill Thrall, The Cure

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