Reason #3 a man needs a mentor – Objectivity

Reason #3 a man needs a mentor – Objectivity

Posted by Regi Campbell on August 11, 2011

We men get so intense, so proud, so focused, so “caught up” in what we’re doing, we lose sight of the bigger picture. We’ll do things the same way, over and over and then be “P.O.’d” because there isn’t a different result. When we have problems; at work, at home, at church, with the kids, with our siblings or in-laws, we sometimes struggle to see things clearly. As the old Indian adage goes, we start “thinking with our hearts instead of our heads.”

A mentor offers a safe “place” to air it out…where we can unload and not be afraid of having things thrown back in our face. A mentor is someone who can listen, empathize, relate and commiserate with you. He “feels your pain,” but doesn’t check himself into your hospital.

A good mentor calls it like he sees it. He’s going to ask you the questions you were too emotional to ask. He’ll ‘play the tape’ back to you, helping you sort out what’s important and what’s not, what’s fact vs. what’s emotion, and what are the likely outcomes of different decision alternatives. A good mentor can be objective. He doesn’t have a dog in the fight.  He just cares about you and your family.

Good mentors give “tough love.” They don’t bend the truth so their mentee’s see an easy way. Their value is max’d when they can be counted on for objectivity. They mirror God…truth AND grace….together.

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