Jesus-followers in the Middle East need mentoring, discipleship, and training to learn how to practically live out their faith in a challenging culture and society where they are persecuted.

Traditional models of mentoring are no longer working. Instead of preaching at Jesus-followers and simply telling what to do, there is a need to help them explore and grow in their faith through authentic community and transparent relationships.


The Radical Mentoring model for making disciples, as laid out in Regi Campbell’s book Mentor Like Jesus, can help impact the Middle East and North Africa by equipping mentors who will impact the next generation of leaders.

In a mentoring group, these leaders will be empowered to develop a deeper relationship with God and other Jesus-followers, where together they can confront any obstacles keeping them from wholeheartedly seeking God.


Radical Mentoring is partnering with 4G3 and their Middle East arm MELTI, over the next three years. Through their Discipleship Institutes, 4G3/MELTI exists to embolden displaced and persecuted Jesus-followers in the Middle East to stand firm in their faith.

In addition to an established track record in the region, MELTI Executive Director Victor Hanna went through a Radical Mentoring group during his time in the U.S., making them an ideal partner for this initiative.


Translate Mentor Like Jesus
MELTI will translate, publish, and print 3,000 copies of Mentor Like Jesus in Arabic to be used as a training resource. Additional copies are to be printed as needed.

Train local leaders to be mentors
MELTI will host a conference in Cairo, Egypt, to launch Radical Mentoring and train their leaders on the model. Includes attendees from eleven Arabic-speaking countries.

Launch mentoring groups
The goal is to launch 10 mentoring groups in year one from the leaders trained at the conference, with 20 more groups to follow in year two. Plus 40 more groups in year three, for a total of 70 groups over three years.


We’re extremely excited about this initiative and the opportunity it presents to fulfill our vision of becoming a global movement of Jesus-centered disciple-makers who will shape families, churches, and communities for generations.



Financial Support
If this initiative speaks to you, we’d be honored if you’d prayerfully consider donating specifically to support these efforts.

Prayer Support
Another great way to support this initiative is through prayer. Pray for Wahid and Victor, our partners in the Middle East, for those who will read Mentor Like Jesus in Arabic, and for those who will lead mentoring groups.

Network Support
If you know anyone you think might have a heart for this work and a desire to help, we’d love to meet them. Email kevin@radicalmentoring.com or schedule a time with him here: rdcl.co/connect-with-kevin.

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