A mentoring process that equips men to develop authentic relationships and overcome the issues holding them back from living “life to the full.”


For churches who want to foster authentic relationships between Jesus-followers. We’ll give you a plan to create mentoring environments where men can go deep with each other and with God.


For individual mentors who want to be impactful disciple-makers. We’ll give you a plan to use your story and your life experience to help younger guys develop into all-in Jesus-followers.

Trusted by hundreds of churches and their men, including . . .

Radical Mentoring provides an environment for you to dig in on the issues we all face, discuss them in a safe setting, and be challenged in how to attack these issues in life.

Kevin Floyd, Mentee, Marietta, GA

When a Senior Pastor will give men permission to embrace this and put their stamp of approval on it, it’s an incredible parallel track for leadership development within any local church.


Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Community Church

Radical Mentoring is barnone the best discipleship program I’ve been involved with. It’s amazing to see men humble themselves and share their lives in a way that is completely focused on Jesus. It’s truly something special.

Joe Brodski, former mentee & current mentor, Irvine, CA

Radical Mentoring is a blueprint for discipleship and leadership development. Over the last several years of mentoring like Jesus, our church has grown rapidly; both spiritually and numerically. As a Lead Pastor, I can declare: there is no single resource that has breathed life into our church and my soul more than Radical Mentoring.

Brian Moore, Lead Pastor, Crosspointe Church