Mentoring Hearts

Mentoring Hearts

Posted by Regi Campbell on March 12, 2018

One dictionary says the heart is “one’s innermost character, feelings, or inclinations.” Another says it’s “the central or innermost part of something.” The Bible mentions the human heart around 300 times. It’s that spiritual part of us where our emotions, our conscience, and our desires dwell.

Whenever I see the word ‘heart,’ I think ‘desire.’ David was a man “after God’s own heart.” He wanted what God wanted. When a mentor comes alongside a younger one, it’s a lot about the heart. “What do you want?” is the big question. Wouldn’t you have liked to have someone you trust help you figure out what you really wanted when you started out?

We want to help church leaders activate the hearts of men. So, we’ve focused the theme Mentor Summit 2018: East on Mentoring Hearts. From April 20-22, we will gather at Strong Rock Camp & Retreat in north Georgia. We couldn’t be more excited for the weekend and to hear from the amazing speakers and worship leaders who will be joining us . . .

James Bryan Smith professor, public speaker on spiritual formation, James is also the author of twelve books, including The Good and Beautiful God, the book we recommend each mentoring group use for their Theology month. James will be talking about how we relate to God and then how we as mentors lead out of that identity.

Wes Yoder – Principal of the first Christian based speakers’ bureau assisting speakers and authors dedicated to a biblical worldview. He’s also the author of Bond of Brothers, our top recommended book on Community. The book, as well as Wes’ speaking, seek to move men from silent and broken lives to the company of men where conversation, spiritual friendship and a life filled with friends and brothers define and complete God’s purposes for them.

John Woodall – Director of (7) and Men’s Groups at North Point Community Church. Thousands of men have participated in (7) at churches all over. John will share insights on connecting our hearts with God’s heart through Scripture.

Larry Green – Executive Director of Cloud Walk, a ministry that serves to help people “fall in love with God” and co-founder of Souly Business. Larry will teach us how to listen to God’s heart and how to allow Him to guide us as we mentor.

Kevin Harris – Executive Director of Radical Mentoring. His heart for mentoring and his passion for helping church leaders embrace Jesus-style disciple-making has quadrupled Radical Mentoring’s reach in under three years. Kevin will share what he’s learning as a mentor and as a thought leader for disciple-making churches.

Seth Condrey & Heath Ballzglier  worship leaders serving North Point Community Church and other environments. Both are also accomplished songwriters. Seth’s most recent single, “When Death Was Arrested” is one of my favorite worship songs! While Heath has co-written many songs including “Our Great God” and “Love Come Down.” These two gifted musicians will take us to the throne room with heartfelt worship of our Lord.

We will also have a Best Practices Panel, featuring leaders from churches of all shapes and sizes discussing how to begin, build and sustain a mentoring initiative in any church context.

If you are a pastor, church leader, or a mentor of men, we’re inviting you to join us at Strong Rock Camp & Retreat in the beautiful North Georgia mountains for 48 hours dedicated to Mentoring Hearts. The cost is $319 for the weekend. Only 20 slots remain available.

You can register online or find out more details, including what past attendees have to say by clicking here.

Scripture: Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your mighty acts to all who are to come. (Psalm 71:18)

Mentor Tip: Take advantage of Mentor Summit 2018: East so you can be even better at helping your guys follow Jesus. And use the discount code blog when you register for $20!

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