Mentor Summit Recap: This Way of Life

Mentor Summit Recap: This Way of Life

Posted by Kevin Harris on March 28, 2019

When our team comes up with a theme for our annual Mentor Summit, we never really know how it will take shape over the weekend. This past weekend in the North Georgia mountains, men from across the country gathered for our 6th Summit. Some were mentors, some were pastors, some were invited by a friend or even a father . . . but all shared a similar desire to be known by their Heavenly Father and be equipped to lead others in “this way of life.”

Our weekend began with Andy Stanley reminding us that in Galatians 5:16, Paul shares with us the critical ways we are to apply Jesus’ greatest commandment, “to love one another as I have loved you.” We are to . . . submit to one another, forgive one another, encourage one another, restore one another, accept one another, care for one another, bear with one another, and carry the burdens of one another.

If you’ve never heard Bill Thrall, he is one of those speakers whose sentences are only 6-8 words long but are full of wisdom and truth. He told us that “the knowledge of the Bible will not transform us; the truth of the Bible will transform us, but only when we trust it.” Remaining on the topic of trust, he taught us that “the degree to which I trust you is the degree to which you can love me,” and that “to not trust is a decision never to be loved.”

Michael Cusick shared from his expertise counseling men and women in soul restoration . . . especially those overcoming sexual addiction. Building on Bill’s message of trust, Michael said that if trust is the barrier to loving each other, then “the barrier to trust must be grace.”  I especially loved this word picture he painted . . . “shame is like a raincoat over the soul that repels the living water of Jesus that would establish us as a son or daughter of God.”

Finally, theologian Ken Boa helped us understand that if we live without a true identity, the world will identify us by default. He explained that the Christian life is about being (loving God), knowing (seeing yourself as God sees you), and doing (loving others). Ken also equipped us with a practical prayer to begin our day with as well as an introduction to centering prayer.

It was a powerful and Spirit-filled weekend for everyone in attendance! To summarize, this way of life begins with a healthy view of ourselves in light of who God says we are, a community of like-minded believers we trust with our authentic selves, and a practice of daily connection to our Heavenly Father through prayer, study, and a grateful heart.

If you were with us last weekend or if you’ve been to Summit in the past, you know what a special time it is. If you haven’t joined us, I hope you’ll consider joining us in 2020. The dates will be available soon, so keep an eye out for that and plan to spend the weekend with us. You will not be disappointed.

Challenge: If you weren’t able to join us, will you consider joining us at one of our Activate Tour stops to learn more about how principles like the ones mentioned above can come alive in the men of your church through small group mentoring? And will you consider inviting your pastor or another church leader to join you? To find the closest one to you, visit tour.radicalmentoring.com.

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Rich Thompson
Rich Thompson Posted: March 30, 2019, 5:44 am

I’ve never been to one of the weekends, but this sounds wonderful, what each of the speakers had to say. I’m sure the fellowship was very rich too! ???

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