Leader Development or Disciple-making?

Leader Development or Disciple-making?

Posted by Regi Campbell on June 4, 2018

Sometimes we talk about Radical Mentoring as a disciple-making process and other times we call it a leader development program. So which is it? Is it a distinction without a difference? What is the difference?

It’s all about your motive and who you pick as mentees. The Message paraphrase of Matthew 28:19-20 includes these words: “Train everyone you meet in this way of life.” That job is assigned to all of us . . . to be disciple-makers by living our lives in such a way that it compels and instructs others to follow Jesus. That’s a broad view of disciple-making. If that’s your goal and the goal of your church, you can select mentees from a broader base of people. If your criterion includes having leadership potential in the church . . . beyond leading yourself and your family, you’ll pick mentees from a smaller pool of men. Not everyone is wired to be a teacher or an organizational leader.

I addressed this in a talk I gave recently. I held up a quarter and asked, “What is this?” One person shouted, “It’s a quarter.” Someone else said, “25 cents.” The same coin, different words to describe it. The process of learning how to live this way of life may be exactly the same, but how the Lord employs each of us for the benefit of His church may be very different. I’ve met a number of men who’ve made fortunes and from that wealth have given generously to the church and Kingdom causes. They’re not teachers, administrators or up-front people, but without them, the rest of the church would be weak and hamstrung.

Ask this question of your church leaders: “Which is our greatest need . . . more men prepared for leadership or more men engaged in making disciples?” Then volunteer to bring Radical Mentoring into the conversation. Introduce your church leaders to us with an email to trey@radicalmentoring.com. Or if you’re a church leader, grab some time on his calendar here: rdcl.co/connect-with-trey. He’ll help them understand the process and help get things going.

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