When God Breaks Your Heart…
The Least of These

When God Breaks Your Heart…

Posted by Regi Campbell on February 5, 2015

I’ve been challenged with the question “What does your heart break for?”

It’s not “What breaks your heart?” Things like not buying Apple stock before it went crazy, the ding in the door of your new car, innocent people being hurt or killed, a lot of things break your heart . . . for a moment.

But when your heart breaks for something, it says you have more than momentary sympathy. You feel a conviction to do something. And it’s really about someone. God is all about people (remember “if you’ve done it unto the least of these, you’ve done it unto me?”). Maybe the question is “Who does your heart break for?” A person, a family, a community of people, a ‘category’, like ‘fatherless’ or ‘old’ or ‘orphan’ or ‘homeless’. Maybe a ‘people group’ somewhere in the world?

How do you know when your heart breaks for someone?

Two clues . . .

  1. When you see or think of this person/these people, you get emotional.
  2. Your mind keeps coming back to them. They just won’t go away.

If your heart doesn’t break for anyone, you may be in for a wake up call. You may have let selfishness grow to the point that it has pushed empathy for others out of your heart. Nobody decides “Hey, I think I’ll become a narcissist!” You grow into it decision by decision. Spend all your time on yourself and over time, that’s all you’ll care about. You think “Well, I’ll still have me and mine,” but you won’t. Kids grow up. Parents die. And the more selfish you become, the less joyful your marriage will be.

Blaise Pascal originated the idea of a “God-shaped” hole in every man’s heart. He said no one can be satisfied or have peace without filling that hole. And Jesus is the only thing that fits and fills it.

But filling that hole with Jesus doesn’t mean wholeness. There’s more. When He said “I have come that they might have life…” that’s about filling the hole. That’s about avoiding ‘the wages of sin’. Filling the hole is salvation.

But when Jesus went on to say “ . . . and have it to the full,” I think He was talking about the abundant life we can only experience when we move beyond “me and mine” to loving and serving others. If you want more (and if you’ll let Him), He’ll punch a hole in your heart that only ‘doing for others’ will fill. And when you do something. . . when you start to move, He’ll fill it to overflowing. Not only is the hole plugged, not only do you feel more whole and more whole-some, but your heart gets bigger.

All the other parts of you grow too. Your joy, capacity, sense of humor, decision making/priority setting, generosity, peace, confidence and absence of worry . . . your circle . . . your whole person grows and gets healthier. Your circle makes a bigger impact in the world. You have more influence as you lead by example and draw other resources to the Kingdom and to the people your heart breaks for.


Question: Who does your heart break for? Tell us here.

Responses (4)

Zack Gaya
Zack Gaya Posted: February 5, 2015, 9:21 am

Reading this, I realize that I have become so selfish and full of me, mine and myself and I need my heart to be broken. I don’t have the passion for God and His priorities as I used to. How do I go about realizing that? I need my heart to be pliable so that I can be a vessel in His hands again.

Darrell Posted: February 5, 2015, 8:00 pm

I would say those who do not know Christ, or those who think God is mad at them. I know I have spent my journey in recent years struggling with my own desires, my perception of God and God’s perception of me. And I am finally coming to realize how wonderful, merciful and loving God really is through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It’s been an interesting journey full of surprises so far. I wonder what the next 30 years has in store?

Mike Posted: February 19, 2015, 8:25 am

Hello Zack,

First time posting here and read this article and your response to it!
It’s dated Feb 5th so I’m sure there has been a healing that has taken place.
Our Heavenly Farther does not operate in any specific order of time.
He only Operates or UN-folds His plan of restoration for us back to Him.
His love was first to you and all else will follow.

You have made the first step of healing by seeking inwardly and realizing that the way you have been going about your relationship with God and those around you needed more attention.
The hole or emptiness that appears to leave you with less-than;
is and can only be filled by ones desire to do something about it.
You have made that decision and the Lord will take you through everything that will for-fill and complete His good work in you.

Remember you are His handiwork and author of your life story. This includes everything that he has surrounded you with (eg , job , people material things,) including all of the events that will lead you to the choices you make on their be-half.
Either bringing life by your words and actions or bringing death by those same words and actions. Choose ye this day.
Always remember that words come first. They have the power to create or destroy. Actions follow the words that are written in your heart.
I will keep you in prayer my brother and ask The Farther to re-set your clock in grace, and to move you through His path that is set before you. I pray that you make the right decisions when that moment comes being influenced by the Holy Spirit.
God bless you and your Family through all things created with His Eternal Love ,Power and Glory.

Regi Campbell
Regi Campbell Posted: March 20, 2015, 11:27 am

Thanks for your healing words Mike

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