Fill Your Seats

Fill Your Seats

Posted by Regi Campbell on May 10, 2018

Empty seats are a waste. Whenever I see a bunch of empty seats on a MARTA train, I think “billions of dollars invested to carry seven people!” I used to have the same thought when boarding a plane, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen empty seats there.

Almost every church has empty seats. Sad . . . but I get it.

We think the seats around a mentor’s table should be different. Especially to the men who want to grow in their walk. These seats should be like gold . . . you can’t just buy them anywhere. We see an invitation to be mentored and discipled as an honor. Where can a man go to find a mentor who’ll show him how to grow as a leader? To live as an all-in Christian? How can he learn to follow Jesus unless he walks alongside a man already doing it well, or at least trying to?

We call this “Jesus-style disciple-making,” and it’s making a comeback. Some are calling it a movement. Discipleship.org, a group out of the Nashville area, has pulled together ministries whose aim is to help people and churches get better at disciple-making. Radical Mentoring is unique in this collective. We’re the only ministry to use the word “mentoring” instead of “discipling.” We may be the only one to make its resources and staff available for free, thanks to the men and churches who ‘pay it forward’ with financial support.

Yesterday, Discipleship.org released a new eBook we wrote called Fill Your Seats. It’s available for free here. If you’re a church leader, lay or staff, and you’re trying to raise interest in your church’s mentoring/disciple-making efforts, you might want to download this and take a look. It’s our best ideas on how to generate interest in disciple-making.

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Bobby Harrington
Bobby Harrington Posted: May 10, 2018, 4:33 pm

I loved this eBook.

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