Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars

Posted by Regi Campbell on November 30, 2011

After I surrendered to Christ 28 years ago, my wife said, “You’re not dancing any more!” She had seen me constantly striving for the approval of my superiors at work; always seeking the affirmation of our friends; always moving, never still, never content, always driving for something. All my life, I wanted to matter. I didn’t have to win (although it was fun when I did), but I was always seeking affirmation. I “vibrated”, constantly working, smoozing, smiling, cajoling, kissing butt…whatever it took to “matter”.

But to whom? Who was keeping score? Who was I trying to impress?

I later learned I was subconsciously trying to please my father. At 33, I was still trying to “matter” to my dad, who had no idea.

When I replaced him with my Heavenly Father, I stopped dancing. God closed out the score card and signed it. Through Jesus’ work on the cross, He signed off on me as a “scratch” son….no handicap…nothing to prove to my earthly father, nor to any other man (or woman). I was affirmed. Accepted. Loved. Forever.

That acceptance gave me peace for the first time in my life.

I still have those behavior patterns…still hyperactive…still tempted to seek the affirmation of people, especially those I look up to and admire. But in my heart of hearts, I know I’m o.k. I can relax. I can revel in His love. I know I can depend on His affirmation. He loves and accepts me, and that’s all that matters in this life – and even more – 30 seconds after I die.

Watch a little bit of “Dancing with the Stars”. Notice how every contestant is preening for the audience vote and for the approval of the judges.

Now ask yourself. Is that me? At work? At church? On the golf course? In my small group? At the club? Am I “dancing” for the acceptance and approval of men?

Or am I relaxing in the unconditional love of the God of the universe? Have I grasped the grace… the undeserved blessing of God’s forgiveness and unconditional acceptance?

Question: Have you gotten caught up in the “acceptance” trap and forgotten how God loves you just as you are? Tell us about it.

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