All About Me

All About Me

Posted by Regi Campbell on June 25, 2018

While I’m sharing my story with some folks, I mention that I only have a few friends from my B.C. days, all the others have developed since. The guy sitting across the table caught my eye. “Why is that?” he asked. This is what came out of my mouth . . .

“If you spend your life focused on yourself, at the end of your life you’ll be by yourself.” 

Before I came to Christ at 33, as far back as I can remember, everything was all about me. I’d give my wife a milkshake-maker for her birthday, not because she wanted it or even liked milkshakes but because I did. It was all about me. Think how that selfishness plays out with your high school and college mates. Or how your coworkers interact with you if all you were about was your life, your success, your wants, and your needs.

But when the Holy Spirit moved into my heart, I changed. I became grateful as I realized that my life, my forgiveness, my wife and kids, even my career success was given to me. It was from and through my Heavenly Father. He gave me a desire to love and serve others. I felt compassion for people I’d never had before. I wanted others to have the peace and purpose God was giving me through my relationship with Jesus. To have a friend you have to be one and since that night many years ago, I’ve tried hard to be one.

How about you? Are you stuck in the ‘me and mine’? Getting a little fatigued of the focus on yourself and your stuff? Are you ready to love and serve the people God has placed in your life and pour into them?

It starts with prayer. Ask God to call your attention to someone in your life who has a need. Then meet it. The need for a visit, a ride, a loaf of fresh bread, an extra pair of hands . . . whatever He shows you, just do it.

Scripture: By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35)

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