A Call to Live
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A Call to Live

Posted by Kevin Harris on January 30, 2020

Radical Mentoring started in 2001 with one man who wanted to pour out what he’d learned about faith and life into the next generation. Last weekend, that man, Regi Campbell, went home to meet his Heavenly Father. We already miss him but are so grateful for the life he lived and the legacy he leaves behind.

If you’ve followed Regi’s health journey these last few months, you may, like me, have experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Processing the loss of a mentor and friend has led to sadness but also immense gratitude for the last five years God gave me co-leading Radical Mentoring with Regi and carrying its message of Jesus-style relational mentoring.

Earlier this week, Regi’s friend Charlie wrote beautifully about Regi’s life and journey, touching on their friendship, Regi’s marriage, and, most importantly, his relationship with Jesus. As Charlie mentions, Regi achieved success in the eyes of the world, but his true achievement, his calling, was to use the story of Jesus’ redemption in his life to impact the next generation. His life’s passion was mentoring younger men. And through that passion, Radical Mentoring grew from one man and eight mentees in 2001 to a movement that has infected over 330 churches and almost 1,300 mentors across North America. Together, those mentors and churches have mentored nearly 12,000 men. An unbelievable legacy . . .  and one that isn’t stopping anytime soon.

As we dream up the next chapters of Radical Mentoring, I have two requests that I know Regi would echo.

First, if Regi and Radical Mentoring have impacted you, I would ask you to “pay it forward,” so others can experience the life-change that occurs when an older, wiser mentor points you toward Jesus. One way to pay it forward is by leading a mentoring group. If you’re ready to mentor, we’d love to help you get started here. Another way to pay it forward is to contribute financially to Radical Mentoring’s mission of engaging and equipping churches and mentors to build disciple-makers and leaders. You can do that here.

Second, I would ask you to live . . . but not live like those people who seemingly have it all together. I would ask you to live as Regi did . . . to live the John 10:10 life “to the full” that Jesus promised you. Nothing would mean more to your family, friends, community, and church.

Lastly, let me tell you about the photo above. A few weeks ago, a friend sent me this after he visited Regi. It’s a list of the commitments Regi made to himself for how to live out his final days in his “earth suit.” If you can’t quite read them, I’ve included the list below . . .

  • I will walk with Jesus every day
  • I will be grateful and live every day to the fullest
  • I will bless my family with words, pictures, and videos
  • I will invest in “my guys” for their good, God’s glory – not mine
  • I will not give up and “run out the clock”
  • I will let people love on me!

How that’s for intentionality? Imagine if we all lived the remainder of our lives with this level of intentionality? Let’s give it a shot . . . in honor of Regi and for God’s glory.

Regi’s memorial service will be Saturday, February 8th, at 1pm at North Point Community Church (4350 North Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30022). If you’re in Atlanta or want to make the trip, we’d love to celebrate Regi’s life with you. In lieu of flowers, the family encourages you to make a contribution to Radical Mentoring.

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Peter Stoddard
Peter Stoddard Posted: January 30, 2020, 5:52 pm

Never met Regi and saw him only once at the latest Men’s Night. Yet I am in his debt.

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