Radical Mentoring exists to equip and encourage churches and mentors to build leaders and disciple-makers through intentional men’s small group mentoring.

Our mentoring process is based on Jesus' relational mentoring style. Here are the 12 key ingredients.

It’s on purpose. It’s all about the Father and Kingdom building. Jesus was on a mission, and mentoring was the key strategy to fulfill His mission.

It’s a selfless endeavor. Jesus mentored out of obedience to the Father. He got nothing out of it personally.

It starts in a group context, not one-on-one. Jesus knew the value of interaction between group members.

Jesus handpicked those He mentored after prayer. It was not a peer-to-peer group; it was a mentor-mentee construct . . . clear and unapologetic.

It was for a short, defined period of time. There was a graduation day when His mentees were commissioned and launched.

At the core of Jesus’ mentoring was Scripture. Jesus helped His guys understand and apply God’s Word.

At the core of Jesus’ mentoring was Scripture. Jesus helped His guys understand and apply God’s Word.

Prayer was a huge part of it, public and private. He taught the disciples how to pray and prayed with them and for them.

Jesus modeled His faith in a transparent way. Jesus lived out His life in front of His mentees.

Jesus taught along the way of life. Jesus helped His guys with practical situations . . . He taught from His knowledge and experience.

There was a mutual commitment. Jesus never gave up on them and ultimately they never gave up on Him.

It had a required multiplication element. Multiplication was a part of what everyone signed up for, and no one was excluded from that requirement.

To learn more about this approach, check out our founder Regi Campbell’s book, Mentor Like Jesus.

We want every member of a mentoring group to go all-in as a Jesus-follower. Here's our "Vision Statement of a Radical Mentoring Graduate"

To know God personally, to have a clear picture of God, who He is, His character, how He looks at them as an adopted son.

To have a new perspective on God, as the perfect Father who loves him immeasurably.

To know and believe that God has a unique purpose for his life.

To embrace Scripture in a new and different way. To continually commit specific verses to memory by topic and to later recall and apply them to real-world situations.

To know that he is always making choices, always establishing priorities. How he chooses to spend his time should be determined by these priorities.

To love the church and commit to it, acknowledging that it is unquestionably God’s chosen vehicle for this and all future generations.

To have God’s perspective on money and possessions.

To know how to make good decisions, building those decisions on godly wisdom and on good theology.

To understand God’s perspective on marriage, and how to live out their role as leader. To totally commit to his wife; to love her unconditionally and to drop the expectations he puts on her.

To become both a learner and follower of Jesus Christ, establishing the habit of reading, journaling, and growing in his faith.

To accept his responsibility to be intentional about influencing the people in his sphere of influence to move one step closer to Christ.

To be an intentional disciple-maker and pay forward what he has received this year into future generations.

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