He’ll Never Let Go

So a kid goes to a rock climbing place for a birthday party. His dad watches as the staff puts his son in the harness and tightens it up. The belay rope is attached and checked. The staff guy is an experienced rock climber . . . you know because he has long hair and…

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Eyes to See

My friend Dave brought me into the controversy around this picture that went viral on February 26th. Is the dress blue and black? Or gold and white? 10 million Tweets in just the first week. I say blue and black. Easy-peasy. What’s the big deal? I show it to my wife and she says “Gold…

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Saying No

Today’s post is from Ben Ackerman, a mentee from my 2012 group. Ben is President of Southern Experience, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. Experience is a fan experience technology company serving over 200 properties in the live entertainment industry. Ben and his wife Dawn have three beautiful children and live in Alpharetta,…

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Amused and Amazed

Psalm 139 is intriguing. David says things like “You hem me in – before and behind,” and “Where can I flee from your presence?” and “Before a word is on my tongue, you know it completely.” It’s like he’s trapped by God . . . but he loves it! There’s a smile on David’s face.…

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Love Stays

What makes a man ‘Godly’? How does he demonstrate his love for God? By fulfilling the 2nd Commandment . . . “Love your neighbor as yourself,” it says in Mark 12:31. Who are your closest neighbors? Your wife and your kids. What’s the first thing a husband and father does to demonstrate love for them?…

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Are You An Approachable Dad?

Two qualities you must develop if you want your children to turn to you. By Steve Farrar _____________________________________________________________________ “You should have been there! The second Radical Mentoring retreat was this weekend and God showed up big time. A hundred men learning from Steve Farrar, John Lynch, Andy Stanley, and Larry Green. Here’s just a sample…

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Are You Stingy With Your Experience?

‘Stewardship’ is an old-school word. Churches ruined it by always associating it with money and giving and building campaigns. But we shouldn’t give up this word. It’s important. A steward is a manager of assets he doesn’t own. Stewardship is about being between the owner of the asset and eventual user of the asset. If…

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What Kind of Father Will Your Son Be?

(Honoring your father and mother – Part II) Unless something big happens, you’ll father as you were fathered. They say we become who we are from our DNA, or experiences and the decisions we make. It works the same way with fathering. Unless we’re disrupted . . . unless we’re seriously scared by something bad…

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Honor Your Father and Mother

Blake is a new friend. When his mom began to experience dementia and was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, he spent the next 10 years caring for her. His company’s IPO gave him the resources to do it. He became known as the guy who cared for his mom. That’s honoring your mother big time. But…

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Elevator Buttons

“Friends are like elevator buttons,” says my friend Brian Moore. “They’ll take you up or they’ll take you down…Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future,” he says. “New friends will meet you right where you are,” says Rusty Gordon. “But they won’t leave you there. Over time, they’ll take you up or…

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