Part of what makes Radical Mentoring unique is the group mentoring format. Mentoring in a group has several benefits. 1) Having a group of guys share their full stories allows the deep, lasting relationships we all need to develop quickly and meaningfully.  2) It creates a two-way street where the mentor can grow and also lean on others when he doesn’t know the answer to a question. 3) It creates a healthy peer pressure. Guys are more likely to step up and do the reading, or follow-through on making a life change when they know other guys are doing the same thing. 4) Group mentoring allows the mentor to share his story and impact 4-8 lives at a time, instead of just one. 5)  Lastly, we mentor in a group because that’s what Jesus did. He went out and invited a group of guys to walk with Him.

That said, the resources on the website are available to you to use however you see fit. But our challenge would be to grab 4-8 and give it a try. We think you’ll be amazed at what God does in their lives.

Note: We do believe there are certain circumstances where one-on-one mentoring is more effective. Radical Mentors are typically “generalists,” but sometimes men need “specialists” who can mentor them through a specific issue or season (think infidelity, or sexual integrity, or addiction). Those times often call for the more hands-on approach of a one-on-one relationship.