Here’s an analogy . . . think of it like fishing with a net or fishing with a line. When you fish with a net, you will get all types of fish. Some you want to keep but others who may not fit the profile you’re looking for. When you fish with a line, you can use the bait that attracts the type of fish you’re hoping to catch.

The same goes for mentoring. Your best, most targeted mentees will often come from personal recommendations, from pastors, staff, and other leaders at your church, who know and interact with potential mentees. Beyond that, you’ll probably need to do a little scouting to find guys who are good fits, but maybe not very plugged in or involved. Most churches have men on the sidelines who are leaders in the marketplace or in the community that could also be great leaders in the church. Identifying and inviting those leaders may take a little effort but can pay huge dividends for the health of the church down the road.