We strongly recommend you keep married guys with married guys and single guys with single guys. Why? They have their energy focused in different places. Most single men want to be married or married again. And married guys have their energy focused on being married. It’s easy for the single guys to become projects for the married guys.

Because you have limited time with these guys and you don’t want to be talking about each issue from both the married and single perspective and having to keep track of and discuss different homework assignments for each group.

The same applies to divorced guys. Unless they are still pretty young and weren’t married for long, it’s best to keep them in a group together as they are facing different issues from either both the marrieds and the never marrieds.

The caveat can be if you have spiritually mature and life mature singles, they can often work in a group with married guys. We know this can be challenging for smaller churches who are working with a smaller pool of potential mentees, but as best you can, we suggest keeping them separate. It’s ok to alternate seasons, doing one group for marrieds and the next for singles. And if you have to mix, just be smart about how you do it.