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Story Retreat

The Story Retreat is one of the most important and crucial times your mentoring group will spend together. It will kickstart your mentoring group, allowing your mentees to make deep connections fast.

After you share your story at the First Meeting, your group will gather for a Story Retreat, where each of your mentees will tell their story. It’s your job as the mentor to tee them up for this by authentically and vulnerably sharing your story. What you model is what they’ll deliver.

Here are three potential options for your Story Retreats . . .

Full Weekend: Some groups will be able to get a full weekend away, Friday until Sunday. This is preferred.

Overnight: Some groups can only manage an overnight, a Friday night/all-day Saturday retreat.

Story Sunday: Some groups choose to do this in one day. In that case, we suggest a Story Sunday.

Mentor Preparation
Meeting Guide
Homework Assignments
Growth Partners
Telling Your Faith Story (Mentee Version)
Suggested Book

Becoming a King: The Path to Restoring the Heart of a Man
Morgan Snyder

Other Book Choices

Identity: Who You Are in Christ
Eric Geiger

Wild At Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul
John Eldredge

Free at Last: Experiencing True Freedom Through Your Identity in Christ
Tony Evans

Suggest a Book

Have another book you really like for this topic? Let us know so we can share with our tribe.

One-on-One Mentee Tips

After the Story Retreat, your mentors can begin to schedule one-on-ones with the guys in their group. These are critical times for the mentor to drill down and get to know a little more about each guy individually. Ideally, mentors will knock out all their one-on-ones in the first three months of the group. Watch the video on the right for more and why these are a must.

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