Some helpful info for mentors and mentees.

Research shows that sexual integrity and pornography are major issues facing men today. One study showed men think about something sexual every 3 minutes or less. Another found that 80 percent of men used porn within the last week. And Christian men face the exact same challenges that other men face . . . sex is everywhere, the barriers to access have dropped, and the perceived consequences of sex outside of marriage are low, especially if it’s “just a few pictures on a computer screen.”

One of the common questions we get is from mentors, who ask – “how do I address these issues in my group?” And from mentees – “What do I need to do if I struggle here.”

On this page are a few key resources to help in the battle for your sexual integrity. It’s by no means exhaustive. And if you already know you need big-time help now . . . skip down to the bottom and reach out to friends at BraveHearts. They are pros when it comes to dealing with sexual integrity issues head-on. And then tell somebody you did that . . . because you can’t fight this battle alone.

Filtering Software

Treating symptoms doesn’t solve root issues, but you can’t get better if you don’t stop. It’s possible to lock yourself down so porn is unavailable by installing a filtering software. There are many to choose from like X3Watch and Accountable2You. Even some free options out there.

If you want our recommendation, go with Covenant Eyes. They’ve long been a trusted and well-reviewed brand. Their software not only blocks sites but sends reports to whoever you choose as your accountability partner. We even like them enough to partner with them in their affiliate program. If you use the link below to sign-up, Radical Mentoring gets a small percentage . . . just another way you can “pay it forward” to other mentors and churches.

Get Covenant Eyes

A Mentoring Conversation on Sexual Integrity

If you’re leading a mentoring group, sexual integrity issues will come up if your mentees are vulnerable. Which only happens when you’re vulnerable. How do you address these issues in a healthy way?

We always want you to feel equipped to maximize the time you have with your guys. So we brought in an expert. Michael Leahy is the founder and CEO of BraveHearts, a mentoring-centric ministry helping men find freedom from habitual sexual sin.

Sexual Addiction Screening Test

The SAST was developed in cooperation with hospitals, treatment programs, private therapists, and community groups to provides a profile of responses that help to discriminate between addictive and non-addictive sexual behavior. Take the test and be prepared to discuss your results and develop a plan based on your results.

Take the SAST.

Next Steps: Get Help

Lastly, if you (or someone in your mentoring group) needs help beyond the basic resources and strategies, it’s time to take a next step. But first, know two things: 1) you aren’t alone and 2) you can beat this.

So what’s the next step? Reach out to our friends at BraveHearts. At Radical Mentoring, we focus on generalized life mentoring. BraveHearts focuses on specialized mentoring . . . on helping strugglers break free from habitual sexual sin.

They have a wide variety of faith-based, mentoring-centric solutions that will help you establish and maintain lasting freedom from habitual sexual sin, including . . .

  • Independent-study online training
  • Group-study online training
  • 1-on-1 and group mentoring

Visit BraveHearts