Ready to be a mentor?
We Show You How to Lead and Start a Group

Radical Mentoring is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s not another small group. It is a highly intentional mentoring relationship for group settings. This is DIY mentoring and we’ve got all the tools to help you get started. Lead some younger guys once a month for three hours and watch as God transforms you and the lives of those around you.

Mentor in Yorba Linda, CA
"I have discovered the purpose for my life – mentoring men and using my experiences and my hurts to see them reach their spiritual potential."-- Mentor in Yorba Linda, CA
Ray Snyder – Charleston, SC
"The year-long Radical Mentoring experience has changed my life and the lives of the eight men I "graduated" this June. I can't begin to explain it in an email, but I plan to mentor eight men every year for the rest of my life."-- Ray Snyder – Charleston, SC
Rusty Gordon – Roswell, GA
"Radical mentoring has been the basis of our life changing Ambassadors ministry in Atlanta. Executives, company owners and rising managers have experienced what it means to be not just bought in but sold out for Jesus. Radical mentoring changes lives, families and communities."-- Rusty Gordon – Roswell, GA
Mentor Gameplan

Not sure how to mentor or what you’ll talk about? We’ve got that covered. Your first step is create an account on our website (At no cost to you! Ever!).

  • Fill out a sign up form
  • We’ll ask for some basic information
  • That info will only ever be used to better serve you

Dedicate some time to intentionally look through all of the resources, content modules, and materials we have created just for someone like you. We have everything you need.

  • Read the PDFs, watch the videos
  • Come up with questions
  • Reach out to us

Take some time to prepare and intentionally invest yourself in this process. We believe in you and will help however we can, but at some point you just have to launch!

  • Start leading a mentoring group

Are You Mentor Material?

Unsure if you are ready to be a Radical Mentor? Not to fear, we’ve designed a questionnaire to help you figure it out. You can take the quiz version or take a look at it in pdf form using the buttons below.

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