What all do I receive with a free subscription to Radical Mentoring?

We provide everything you will need from your training and preparation, recruiting and launching your group, mentoring session materials (pre-group prep, session timeline, homework, etc..) and the how-to’s to be successful as a mentor. This comes to you in the format of short videos and PDF content that you simply print out. The only things that aren’t included are the books you choose to read.

What if I have someone who wants to be a mentor with me in the same group?

If you feel like you want to have a co-mentor lead this group with you, Radical Mentoring is all for it. We have groups that are led by 2 “mentor-type” guys, as well as, groups that are led by 1 mentor and an apprentice. An apprentice is someone we would define as going through as a mentee in order to turn around and lead his own group the following season. We give specific instruction on how to do this.

How much does this cost?

Radical Mentoring is made available free of charge to men who will accept our terms of use and Mentor Covenant.  The Next Generation Mentoring Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and accepts tax deductible donations to further this mentoring movement.  If you would like to support us, we would be so grateful and you can do so here: DONATE .

Is there a women’s version of Radical Mentoring?

Yes! We have a sister ministry called Titus 2 Mentoring that is essentially the same as Radical Mentoring, but it is geared completely towards women mentoring other women. The website for Titus 2 Mentoring is: http://titus2mentoringwomen.com/

Does Radical Mentoring have a “Recommended Track” that you encourage first time mentors to follow?

Absolutely. We provide a recommended track for you to follow with topics to cover that have been proven to have a successful track record with over 1,100 men. You have the ultimate ability, however, to pick and choose the topics you want to cover in your group and that will determine the length of your group.

Where should I purchase all of my books?

Radical Mentoring has an embedded Amazon Store that will allow you to purchase your books or e-books conveniently. If you have a favorite local shop that you support, we certainly understand. However, each purchase that is made through the Radical Mentoring Amazon Store allows us to collect a small percentage of the total price and that goes back to furthering the reach of this mentoring model.

How do I know if I’m mentor material?

Click here to view what a Radical Mentor looks like.

What is the typical time commitment for each month?

Read 1 book; memorize 2 scriptures and prepare/lead a once-monthly, 3-hour meeting. It is simply designed with you in mind. It is not meant to add a ton of items to your weekly calendar, but the time that you do have is intentional so that nothing is wasted. Other: 1-on-1’s with each of your guys within the first 3 months is additional.

Will RM ever offer a “single guy’s track?”

The answer is yes, but down the road. Most all of the topics relate to a man whether they are married or single, but the homework is currently geared toward a married man.

What does the RM Covenant for the mentee look like?

You can view it here.

What does the RM Covenant for the mentor look like?

You can view it here.

What is my wife’s commitment?

Your wife will have a limited role in the mentoring season (not including the fact that she is supporting you doing this for a period of time and opening up your home on a monthly basis.) Should you decide to include the topic of Marriage into your mentoring season, she will be called upon to host a dinner at your home where the mentee’s spouses will be included. She will also lead a small discussion with the wives during that time that RM provides the content for.

How does RM work? What’s the basic overview?

Click here to see an overview of Radical Mentoring.